Monday, 29 November 2010

Oasis album covers - Notes..

  • Conventions - album name, band name, artist's images
  • Living room - realistic mise-en-scene code for ordinary lives, everyday behaviour, down to earth people
  • Codes - positioning, foreground (lead singer) - quirky, different, unusual, confident, arogant. Pensive - thoughtful, reflective.
  • Second closest to us (guitarist) second most important - chilled, relaxed body language
  • Background (rest of the band) least important - bit more rigid but going about daily activites
  • Glass of wine, suits (dressed well), tidy house - code for sophistication
  • they take themselves seriously
  • Cigarette packet - working class guys
  • Framed picture of a man city football player - tells us who they support, who they are, their identity
  • Light blue tinge across the photo - Man City colours/credential
  • Globe - sign of their ambition - going to take over the world
  • Blue sky - hope, freedom, happiness, eternity
  • Font- bold, black and white - stands out - tabloid style (band name)
  • Album name - handwritten, personal

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