Monday, 29 November 2010

Green Day - When September Ends - Notes ..

  • Narrative opening - focus on the story - convention of the narrative music video
  • Cinematic in it's scope - famous actors, clear plot
  • Music starts - non diegetic
  • Extreme close-up on singer - convention
  • Video switches between the band and the actors
  • Narrative is the story behind the song
  • Music cuts out and dialogue advances the narrative and the song comes back
  • We can see the band as if a live gig - convention of the music video
  • Series of short quick edits - allows the audience to sense whats going on
  • Images and footage needed to tell the story - limited dialogue
  • Music mirrors the action
  • Codes for happiness and love - playful moments - all build up a story of their relationship
  • Contrapuntal music doesn't match what we are seeing
  • Warm colours of the band, dull colours at war
  • Parrallel - seeing and hearing at the same time (it all fits)
  • Chronological order
Video opens with a classic, romantic mise-en-scene, two lovers holding hands.
Wide angle shot, field of flowers which is a code for young love.
Camera gets very intimate, all close-ups, no body shots, all focused on their faces to show their relationship.
Staring into eachothers eyes, young love, flowers, bright colours - summer and happiness.

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