Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Target Audience..

Media texts are just like a drug, they directly influence the audience using different opinions, attitudes and values. It works just like propaganda did in Nazi Germany.
This is known as the Hypodermic Needle Theory.

The Effects Debate disscusses weather media makes people act in certain ways.

In both of these the audience is known as a passive receptor. The audience decodes what the producer puts infront of them (encodes) and they can do this in more than one way:
  • Preferred Reading: What the producer wants the audience to understand
  • Negociated Reading: The audience agrees with elements of the text but not the whole product
  • Oppositional Reading: The audience disagrees with the ideology of the text or they decode it in a way that was not intended
When researching my target audience i will as specific as I can be, I will look into the demographics and psychographics.
My target audience may live in certain areas, on their own, with a partner or with their parents, they may be on a high income or maybe a student, they may have a certain occupation.
The interests and personality of my audience is very important, they would definately have to be interested in a similar type of music as the song I chose to do and this would possibly then determine the way they represent themselves, their image. This may influence their interests and hobbies, where they shop and where they go out.

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