Monday, 29 November 2010

Functions and meanings..

Quick cutting on the beat - Every cut or edit in a music video needs to be in sync with the music. There is a 'rhythmic basis closely connected to the song'.

Editing - Edits in the music video come far more frequently than in film. Music video editing bears a far greater responsibility for many elements than does classic hollywood film editing. There are lots of very short, quick edits in music video. These build up a montage and often tell the story of the video (progress the narrative).

Balanced - The editing in the music video works hard to ensure that no single element (the narrative, the setting, the performance, the star, the lyrics, the song) going the upper hand. The video cannot distract from the song but must also grab the audience's attention.

Graphic match - This is when editing sequences connect objects through colour and shape. It creates fluency.

Match on action - Using a series of edits where different people/objects are doing the same thing. For example, a close-up on one persons feet running and a cut to another person's feet doing the same.

180 degree rule - This is to ensure you do not disorientate the audience. The audience should maintain a position between edits in terms of orientation.

30 degree rule - When you break the 30 degree rule it is called a jump cut - a sharp, awkward edit that looks wrong and clumsy. The camera should move 30 degrees btween edits to avoid this.

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