Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Song Choice

As a group we have been trying to chose a song to create our music video to. We had a lot of difficulty doing this as a few of the group members do have different tastes in music. We were thinking of doing a typical boy band song such as Backstreet boys or Boyzone, as we thought this would be extremely fun to make, but all agreed in the end that it would be very 'cheesy' and felt we could show our talent better using another song genre. We then thought of maybe doing an older song, a club classic but we decided that the indie genre was very 'in' at the moment and all agreed we felt we could gather lots of inspiration.

Now we had chosen our genre, we had to chose a song title. We all sat going through each others iPod's until we cut down ideas to a few song choices.

  • The XX - Crytalised
  • Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
  • V.V. Brown - Shark in the Water
  • Train - Hey, Soul Sister

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