Saturday, 4 December 2010

Reach for the Stars prelim

Before we could do anything with the creation of our final coursework piece we had to create a preliminary task, this helped us in so many ways. We were able to experiment with brand new cameras, software and see how we worked as a group. As we are all friends this really helped as there was no need to spend time getting to know each other, we all know how the each of us work and know we all get on well. The fact that I was the only one that chose moving image for our AS coursework I was the only one to have really used these cameras before. I showed the rest of the group how they worked,  how we attached it the the tripod and how to extend the tripod to the different heights we needed. We used a brand new programme, final cut express, to edit our video. None of us had used this before, so if it wasn't for the preliminary task I know we would really struggle with the final piece.
It was really fun and enjoyable making this video as we were able to have a lot of fun with it before having to get serious to make the final exam piece. We tried to experiment with different camera angles and found the lip syncing really interesting. As none of us had done this before it was very strange to do, luckily for me I was a huge S Club 7 fan when I was younger so did not have to learn the words were as some of the others in the group did. The first time we tried filming the lip-sync we were all a bit embarrassed but quickly overcome this and realised that it was actually a lot of fun.
When it comes to creating our final piece I hope to make a video 100 times better then this one, using a lot more angles and edits. I know we will have a lot more time to do it and have longer time available with the equipment. Having this as a practice has really helped and I think this will show in our final piece.

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