Sunday, 5 December 2010

Album covers - Maroon 5

This album cover has many different codes and conventions that can relate to other media products. The typical conventions of album covers are involved for example, artist name, album name and an image of the artist. The text all stands out as its in a relatively bold font, quite large and on a dark background. The text is strong, written in a 'hard' font. The large 'M' on the back wall tells you straight away who your about to listen to. From this you know this is Maroon 5's album.
The positioning of the artists is code, the lead singer is positioned centre front, with the guitarist and drummer positioned further behind. The least important band members are positioned furthest back and appear the smallest. Another way of telling the lead singer apart from the rest of the band is his personal body language, he is the only one standing upright with his arms beside him, the rest of the band members are in mid action. This suggests the importance and seriousness of him.
The mise-en-scene is unrealistic and a bit quirky which reflects the nature of the band's music and the artist's themselves. Their costume is code for sophistication, the band members are all well dressed which tells us they take themselves seriously but the body language shows they also have a fun, playful side.
Having the drum kit, sound systems and guitar in the image suggests the importance of music, this is the band's life, they live for music.

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