Thursday, 2 December 2010

Song choice and storyline

Since discussing our choice of song titles yesterday, we all went home to think over night and came into school the today to decide our final choice.
We have decided on the song Shark in the Water by V.V. Brown, we all felt that it was quite an unknown song but a song we found we all liked. We felt we could work well with this and with the members of our group create a story line to suit the song and lyrics extremely well. We sat and watched her music video over and over until it was drummed in our heads. We have chosen to create a story line very similar to the one V.V. Brown followed herself.

We have decided that our band is going to involve us 3 girls; myself, madeleine and lucy. We will all be involved in the performance half of the music video as well as the narrative. Jack will also be involved in the narrative as our story line will be based around him.
V.V. Brown's version of Shark in the Water is a metaphorical record about anxiety, and was inspired by Brown's experience with infidelity by a past boyfriend. We have decided to reflect this in our own video. Jack being the 'Shark' and us three girls being the people he is messing around.

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