Thursday, 7 April 2011

Final album cover designs

The following images show how I created my final album cover, step by step, using the software Photoshop

This screenshot shows the beginning image I had before making any changes

I then cropped the image to a more suitable size

I had a play around with the hues and colour's of the image and changed the colour balance until I managed to reach this

I then added text using the fonts 'School House Cursive' and 'Gabriola'

I then added the 5 star's and text around it

I chose this image as I feels it represents our band well. The positioning of Madeleine is code for the fact she is the lead singer, her image is the largest. The second most important singer is Danielle and is positioned second closest to the audience. Lucy is furthest away and her image is slightly blurred. I chose this colouring as it is very calming, I have seen this colour among many indie bands. All three artists are looking towards the same direction, this links the three of them. I chose to include the 5 star's and text to give my cover a more professional feel. I have used the typical conventions of album covers including artist name and album name. The text i chose for the artist name is 'flowy' and personal as if handwritten, I believe this gives the artist and audience a connection and allows the fans to really feel like they can relate the band. The font of the album name is more sophisticated and shows a 'grown up' feel to the album.

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