Thursday, 7 April 2011

Album cover final designs 2

The following images show how I got to the final image for the back of my album cover

This screenshot shows the image I began with before making any changes

The next thing I did was crop the image

I then added a barcode and text to make a more professional cover

I chose to use rubber ducks as the back image of my cover as I feel its very contemporary and reflects the meaning of our band's name and album title. The image is blurred in the background so all the focus goes towards the rubber ducks, this also reflects the name of one of the song titles. I used the same font for the song list and artist name for continuity factors and it is also the font that represents the band themselves. I believe the barcode is a necessary item to include, its brings professional feel to the cover. The text i included in the top right hand corner also does this, I had a look at other album covers from professional singers and adapted the text to fit with my band.

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