Friday, 18 March 2011

Post Modern album covers

The Clash - London Calling

The album cover has all the typical conventions you would expect to see from any album cover for example, the artist name, album name and an image of the artist. The image has a very 'rock', 'rebellious' look about it due to the youthful, frustrating stance of the artist. He is positioned centrally with a very strong 'pose'. The blurring of the image suggests motion and the black and white suggests an edgy, serious, sencerty sense of conviction. Then in juxtaposition to this, we have the album name. In a colourful, bold font it suggests a happy, comic feel. It grabs the audience's attention and was made to hold focus suggesting a playful, bubbly, fun side to the serious bellion.

This album was infact a hommage to Elvis Presley's very first album...

This uses the same serious black and white image yet playful font and facial expression, this is how we know it is not a parody. The Clash have used the same codes and conventions to build an album cover almost exactly the same as Elvis Presley's, taking it seriously.

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