Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Album Covers

I created a collage of album covers for inspiration which includes a majority of different album arts and genres. They range from the 1960s right up until the present. All the album covers I have chosen are all ones I like and feel represent the artist well. Train's album art for 'Save me, San Francisco' clearly tells us the artist name, in the font that is recognisable to them. They have avoided bright, bold colours which I have found with the majority of indie bands. The background image of San Francisco bridge and the city buildings is blurred and does not stand out, our attention is drawn to the bird, which is central.
The XX's album cover is very simple yet very effective. The only image we can see is the large white 'X' on a black background. These colours clearly stand out and draw attention. Just from seeing this image we know who the artist is.
Gary Jules's album cover makes good use of the camera. It is defocused on his face and focused on his fist which takes up the majority of the space, this could easily represent anger but then the star sort of says the opposite.
Franki Valli and the Four Season's album cover suggests not a lot of money was spent on it, a simple blue background with a cut out image of the artists. It is very simple and plain to look at.
Then you have others which are very busy, for example The Beatles' album cover which consists of a large group of people along with the artist name in flowers. The cover is full of bright, striking colours which stand out. All the people standing behind the band have all passed away, it suggests they were all an inspiration. 
Mumford and Sons' album cover is quite similar to one of the Oasis one's, both being rather naturalistic. The four men are standing with their instruments which suggests their life revolves around their music. Two of them are standing above the others which shows a hierarchy of importance. The bright, blue sky suggests happiness and freedom.

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