Friday, 21 January 2011

Target Audience and History

As a company we would like our artists to reach out to a wide, mainstream audience. The genre of indie allows us as managers, and the artist to branch out. Indie, rock originating from the U.K and the States in the 1980s inspires and interests people of generations since then. Many see the genre with a specific artistic aesthetic and would have originally been produced by bands working alone, with independent record labels for example Oasis and Creation Records but throughout the noughties this has become far more relaxed and led to further distorted meaning of the term 'indie rock'. In other words there has been far more genre boundary crossing and hybridity.

We aim for our target audience to be teenagers between 16 years and 21 years, both male and female. They are more than likely students, with a very low income. They are fascinated by fashion and music, which causes which and combining the two. They will enjoy 'hanging' out with friends, shopping and going to places such as Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Soho. 

We intend to use current fashion, trends and images inspired by the 80s to represent the band, fashion is a major influence in how our band is perceived. With fashion bringing back styles from an era of experimentalists and the increasing importance of designer brands, we aim to encode this edgy, retro look within us.

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